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Vietnamese German University De secernatement of English AE2: Technical create verbally Mechanism description: move turn over Vu Viet Hung Nguyen Vu Hoi Nguyen Hong travel loose Nguyen Duy Hien Instructor: Richard G. Bradley, MAL, MSM Due date: December 22th, 2011 disavowal We claim for that this report is a product of our own work, unless other than referenced. We withal decl be that all opinions, results, conclusions and recommendations be our own and may not represent the policies of opinions of the De come apartment of English or the Vietnamese German University. Vu Viet Hung Nguyen Vu Hoi Nguyen Hong Lam Nguyen Duy Hien Acknowledgements We would like to thank our friend, Nguyen Phan Trung Hieu, VGUs EEIT student, for portion us take photos of the Turtle. Team members responsibilities ar specified as mentioned below: Vu Viet Hung wrote the raw version of this document. Nguyen Duy Hien was liable for editing the photos and this document. Ngu yen Vu Hoi and Nguyen Hong Lam prepared for the presentation. Vu Viet Hung Mechanism description: Crawling Turtle The Crawling Turtle is turtle- mildewd, battery operated and self-moving withdraw that is capable of crawling horizontally, either forward or backward. Description The Turtle is 19 centimeters long, 14 centimeters wide-eyed and 10 centimeters high. With the shape of a turtle, the impertinent parts of the toy consist of a top, four legs, a amaze and a tail. any of the external parts are made of plastic. The head and the tail are painted orange. The four legs and the bottom stupefy of the turtle are painted yellow, while the top shell consists of a blue, to a great extent holed, oval piece of plastic tightly attached to another(prenominal) orange piece of lightly evident plastic. The inner part is the mechanism which consists of an IC, a motor, gears and a speaker. All components of the inner part are placed inner the shell, object the speaker, which i s placed inside the head of the Turtle. The ! Turtle is powered by...If you pauperism to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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