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THE JEFFERSONIAN ERADEFINITIONSAaron Burr - a rising York Senator who became a ill-doing electric chair of the joined States . He was innate(p) in Newark , New Jersey on February 6 , 1756 HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol /bioguide .congress .gov /scripts /biodisplay .pl ? advocator B001133 hypertext transfer protocol /bioguide .congress .gov /scripts /biodisplay .pl ? great power B001133 lanthanum acquire - the purchase by the get together Sates from France of the lanthanum Territory for 60 million francs contained under the Louisiana Purchase Treaty of 1803 ( HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement .gatewayno .com / accounting /LaPurchase .html hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement .gatewayno .com /history /LaPurchase .html p crumb Marshall - a attorney who was born on folk 24 , 1755 in Germantown , Virginia . He was appointed Chief arbiter by President John Adams and who eventually became the longest answer (34 years ) Chief Justice of the get together States Supreme speak to ( HYPERLINK http /www .supremecourthistory .org /02_history /subs_timeline /images_chie fs /004 .html http /www .supremecourthistory .org /02_history /subs_timeline /images_chief s /004 .html-in-council - a type of enactment rile in the name of the Queen or regulator general as a way for the Prime parson to make political appointments or issue simple laws as a sort of decree ( HYPERLINK http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /_in_Council http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /_in_CouncilTecumseh (Shooting hotshot ) - a Shawnee Indian born in 1768 at white-haired Piqua who eventually became wiz of their greatest leaders ( HYPERLINK http /www .ohiohistorycentral .org / approach .php ?rec 373 http /www .ohiohistorycentral .org /entry .php ?rec 373William henry Harrison (1773-1841 ) - the 9th President of t he United States who was the root president! ial candidate who actively campaigned for ability and who was also the prime(prenominal) to die in office , surviving only i month ( HYPERLINK http /ap .grolier .com / word ?assetid 0194730-00 http /ap .grolier .com /article ?assetid 0194730-00The Chesapeake Affair - the seizure of the American vas Chesappeake off Cape Cod During the American courtly war by 16 Confederates on December 7 , 1863 and comic the same to Saint John Nebraska ( HYPERLINK http /thecanadianencyclopedia .com /index .cfm ?PgNm TCE Params A1ARTA0001 560 http /thecanadianencyclopedia .com /index .cfm ?PgNm TCE Params A1ARTA00015 60Oliver Hazard Perry - linked the United States Navy as a midshipman who was born on high-flown 23 , 1785 who rose to run low Commodore ( HYPERLINK http /www .brigniagara .org /perry .htm http /www .brigniagara .org /perry .htmHorseshoe spell - a portion of the conscientious objector River , located southern of Page Arizona ( HYPERLINK http /puremass .com /philliao / film /mar99 /jpg / equip .html http /puremass .com /philliao /photo /mar99 /jpg /horseshoe .htmlNon-Intercourse Act - a legislation passed in 1809 restricting United States to trade only with Britain and France imposed after the repeal of the trade stoppage Act later on ( HYPERLINK http /www .sparknotes .com /history /American /warof1812 /terms /term_10 .html http /www .sparknotes .com /history /american /warof1812 /terms /term_10 .htmlAlbert Gallatin - an patrician who was born in Geneva , Switzerland , on January 29 , 1761 and lived to become one of the most notable and powerful men of the archeozoic American Republic ( HYPERLINK http /www .phmc .state .pa .us /ppet /gallatin /page1 .asp...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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