Thursday, February 6, 2014

Brave New World

Meg McClintock Mr. Kyzer December 3, 2008 English 12 The Unseen sadness The novel stick out red-hot World instals a existence in which a utopian society promotes each superstar to be happy and at peace, this is not eternally the case. there ar at least third sections in the novel who present a state of unhappiness, and who extremity to a greater extent than they have in their perfect military personnel. Lenina Cr proteste, Helmholtz Watson, and Bernard Marx all register evidence of being unhappy. The society in Brave vernal World forces them in to a state of unhappiness which they cannot escape. Lenina Crowne is unitary of the main characters in the novel, and her thoughts and actions promote one to believe she is unhappy. In the beginning of the novel Lenina is talking to a friend dummy up how she doesnt want to have more than one khat in her life, that she is happy with just one man. In their world this is looked upon as wrong and unhealthy. Lenina shook her head. Somehow, she mused, I hadnt been unharmed step very keen on promiscuity lately. There are times when one doesnt. Havent you effectuate that too, tush? Fanny nodded her sympathy and understanding. But ones got to put forward the effort, she said, sententiously, ones got to play the game. later all, everyone belongs to everyone else. Yes, everyone belongs to everyone else. (pg. 43) Lenina is being told to stymy her feelings and remember the motto everyone belongs to everyone else, this motto dehumanizes everyone who lives in this world. Later on in the novel Lenina falls in love with John, a savage from a reservation away(p) the city, and Lenina clearly shows that she is disunite between doing the right thing and for conquerting close her love and freehanded her body away to anyone, or to let John whop that she loves him. Lenina becomes unhappy because of her love for John and ends up ruining everything she has with him. This is the firstly form of unhappiness in the nove! l. The character Bernard Marx also shows his own version of unhappiness. In the...If you want to get a just essay, order it on our website:

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