Monday, January 13, 2014

AP Biology Essay #7 concerning Evolution, created using the grading rubric, so will be an A+

discuss the evolutionary relationships between the two members of each bracing you have a bun in the oven chosen. In your discussion include structural adaptations and their operable significance. a. Green algae...vascular Plants b. Prokaryotes....Eukaryotes a. Green alga and Vascular Plants withdraw comport evolutionary relationships. Both Green algae and vascular plants have many similarities displaying this fact. Just a hardly a(prenominal) of these similarities include that some(prenominal) groups have chloroplasts with chlorophyll b and beta-carotene (for get fare), chloroplasts of similar grammatical construction, chemically similar cellulose in cell wall, similar peroxismes (which contain enzymes), alike Mitosis and cytokinesis processes (reproduction), similar sperm ultrastructure, and similar rRNA structure (shows proportion at a genetic level). These two structures do of descriptor differ, because the vascular plants are much further evolved than th e Algae. A fewer of these likely acquired traits are Xylem, and phloem, which transport both pissing and food throughout the plant much like the veins in our clay transport oxygen through veins and arteries, though Xylem unconnected Phloem use passive transport to accomplish this. The cuticle, or plastic covering of the vascular plants, allowing them to survive perhaps better, particularly when supplied with slight water, helps prevent evaporation of water from the vascular plants, allowing them to elicit slowly away from shallow water, which much of the algae appear on. at that place are many other evolved traits which the vascular plants experience as well. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom    essays are written by professional writers!!
Though there are differences, clearly Green Algae has an evolutionary relationship to Green Algae. The multiple structural similarities, and advancements of the vascular plants clearly show Vascular plants have a passably close evolutionary relationship with Greene Algae. b. Prokaryotes, and Eukaryotes also share evolutionary relationships. Basic similarities between these organisms include, having nucleic acids (genetic connection), Chromosome(s), possession of ribosomes( site for creating of polypeptides), having cell membranes and walls (protection and structure), reproduction... If you motif to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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