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appealingness/Salaat/Namaz IntroductionPhilosophy Of requester: And abide by up the orison; it restrains from the indecency and evil. (Al-Ankabut: 45) This word as purpose in the Holy volume is formed from the word salaah and Tasliat and in the Arabic dictionary it means To pray. But in Islamic terminology it conveys the way of expressing worship by world to his real Creator and object of worship in the redundant manner taught by immortal to the people by His Apostles. Prayer is the first and foremost duty of every Muslim and record Majeed repeatedly urges that every Muslim should perform this duty. Ti is demand for five time a day. Salat id the practical import of our faith in Allah and Islam. Importance of Prayer In the come to Of Quran And Hadith. Prayer is vital in Islam. Quran has repeatedly emphasized this point. And spare up the prayer, give the state alms and make out with those who bow. (Al-Baqara: 43) And keep up the prayer: It restrains from indecency and evil. (Al-Ankbut: 45) And keep up the prayer. (An-Nur: 56) Keep up the prayer; give the stated alms: hold strongly to the cord of faith in Allah. (Al-Hajj: 78) And fate about process (of God) with pains and prayer. (Al-Baqara: 45) O ye who believe! is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
fortify yourselves with perseverance and prayer. (Al-Baqara: 153) He all of you attentive toward Allah (Him) and reverence Him; And keep up the prayer. (Ar-Rum: 31) Unless a man performs his prayer regularly, he cannot be a true Muslim. According to Dr. Hakim Islam considers prayer to be the dividing musical note between belief and un! belief. Islamic prayer is purified of all downcast and irrational elements and prescribed as a great help in building up of flake by storage God. Prayer is remembrance of God by man. It is a chat between God and manan fundamental interaction between the immortal within and the Divinity overhead. Prayer is a means of religious illumination and its aim is to know God and seek...If you want to grow a full essay, order it on our website:

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