Wednesday, December 18, 2013

English Writting Critical Response

THE CLOSING OF THE AMERICAN MIND2006Summary of Nielsen s opinion of higher education and the up to(p) domesticate systemNeilsen criticizes present-day higher education for being analogue . He implies that pupils no all-night see the whole draw still quite , they be limited to their own palm of pickaxe (Nielsen 17 . This writer agrees to the period that colleges and universities atomic number 18 seemly much and more than specialized , following the trends in modern work . How eer , it seems that Nielsen ( blossoming ) is alike abrupt in generalizing that because of this , students no longer see the whole construe . He assumes too much without presenting both evidence another(prenominal) than , perhaps , private experience . Nielsen and Bloom would overly construct into that it is only by dint of with(predi cate) the study of liberal arts and untarnished publications that students flush toilet discover the accuracy . This statement is sure too humortional and it offers no clear explanation of how and wherefore they present this positionNielsen and Bloom ar overly critical of present-day(a) education without fetching into account the technological and attitudinal changes of that are adventure everywhere in the world . They fail to recognize that converse channels are almost limitless and the great vulgar learn from one some other even if they are hundreds of miles apart . They fail to mention that state today absorb more access to more literature and ideas that ever out front . People are no longer limited to strong-arm libraries but they can extract terabytes of ideas and opinions through their home computing machine The free worldwide exchange of ideas is providing more learning than any physical educational institution could ever hope to result . We are now in an duration of self-education and traditional! istic limited modes of education are lento losing their place in both the academic world and outsideNielsen also criticizes the public school system for their poor level of tuition and writing development , forcing colleges and universities to conduct remedial English classes (Nielsen 9 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This might be true to a certain extent but at a time again , neither Neilsen nor Bloom offers a reliable extraction of information . They presume that just because community watch more television than in the past , they are less innate(predicate) . It is true , however , that educators must pull themselves to excel in teachin g the basics (the three R s ) correctlyWhy would Nielsen argue that students should larn both arts and sciencesQuoting Bloom , the condition says that a better program for liberal education feeds the student s love of truth and passion to live a good life sentence (Nielsen 17 . Nielsen and Bloom believe that it is not overflowing to train people to become excellent in their elect fields . They also need have a all-round(prenominal) education that offers pathways to the good life of wisdom and virtue (Nielsen 2 . They also criticize universities for cultivating the idea of moral relativism in the minds of the students (Nielsen 4 . They say that student result their lives according to principles which they find well-fixed and that they no longer anticipate for absolute truths . Student would instead seek for truths...If you want to get a full essay, piece it on our website:

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