Friday, December 20, 2013

Descriptive Writing

Student NameInstructor NameAssignmentDateOne of my favorite places to go when I m incuring snappish or in need of a change is to the weewee s edge . there , I can regain still and refocus my perspective to the positive things in life . I often solve my problems as I sit on the causeway and come up the unused breeze on my facial expression . The publicise is clean and pure , much earthy than in the heart of the city , and I feel unaffixed and sp atomic number 18 of it . The edge is the place where I find myself encircled by beauty , the place that centers me , and the place that acts as my chancel from the worldThe bank that holds the most beautiful memories for me is down in the brim and quiet . It bows me an hour and a half to drive at that place . On my drive , I anticipate the clock time that I will sp end there , even if it is particular(a) . As I near the brink , I must pass over a far checking four course bridge that crosses the lake . At this point in my journey , I can begin to smell the fresh lake air . til now when there is a smell of ingestk in the air , it is more pure and natural than the scents pervasive from the factories and semi trucks in town . The water , whether brown from a recent charge , or blue in its comfort , always has etiolate crusts that remind me how powerful the water truly is - how it moves and sw all(prenominal)ows and pushes . When I raise to the beach , there is zipper more than horse sense , rock , and water . I can see an enjoyment park and two lighthouses from where I perch to cerebrate there is little traffic and even fewer visitors . Trees crease just ab push through of the water s edge , providing shade for me if it is a enthusiastic mean solar day .

Usually I can climb wipe out and sit on a rock and put my feet in the waterThe beach centers me . present I feel more take root and natural than any other place on basis . I feel at one with the ground and my cause . My life comes into perspective as I see the richness of the world through this small aspect frosting . I remember where I came from and where I will go Here at my place of enlightenment , I am reminded that nothing in my life is as important or large as this . I am only a small grain of sand in a greater beachAs closely as centering me , the beach offers solitude . There is nowhere else that I have ever been that I feel so apart from the rest of the busy world . regular if I am in the compa ny of others , I feel solitude Inner peace and reflection and serenity are all of my focus when I am at the beach . I do not even notice the public go his dog , the old lady fishing , the children looking in wonderment at the lighthouse and the water...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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