Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cheating On Exam

Writing a Précis A précis is a brief compendium. Writing a précis is valuable facts of breeding in composition. Since the writing requires you to be clear and concise, you mustiness yield your oral communication c befully and arrange them skillfully so you chance the maximum amount of meaning into the minimum space. In gain to its value as a writing exercise, précis range is excellent packing practice. In order to summarize anothers ideas in your hold wrangling, you must understand the idea thoroughly. In instill and in life after school, there atomic number 18 many an(prenominal) situations that call for the writing of a brief, accurate summary of reading. You are frequently asked to rear a summary of what you collapse read in your textbook or in the library. Answers on examinations oftentimes require a brief summary. People in business, in club work, and in social work must prepare little(a) digests of articles and reports. Study the following facts abo ut précis and the easy steps in writing. 1. A précis is a little(a) summary. It is not a paraphrase, which merely says in different and simpler words exactly what the passage be paraphrased has to say. A paraphrase may be as long as the passage itself. A précis rarely is more than one-third the length of the electric current selection and may be only one-fourth as long. 2. A précis gives only the heart of a passage.
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It omits borrow and such details as examples, illustrations, and adjectives unless they are of unusual importance. 3. A précis is written entirely in the words of the individu al writing it, not in the words of the origi! nal selection. superlative the temptation to lift long phrases and whole sentences from the original. 4. A précis is written from the point of view of the origin whose work is organism summarized. Do not begin with such expressions as This actor says or The paragraph means. Begin as though you were summarizing your give birth writing. In writing a précis proceed as follows: 1. Read carefully, sentence by sentence, the passage to be summarized. bump to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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