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RussiaCollapse of communism did non lead to a friendly , participatory and prosperous Russiabecause of two basic indicates . One , was that Borris Yeltsin , the so called ` elect President , wasnever a legitimate champion of democracy . The caller-up system was anarchic , and Yeltsin had conceivedthe role of the President , which was autocratic . The primal quantity Minister was appointed by him . Hehad disputes with the Parliament . The semipolitical leadership lacked the spirit of democracy andthere were no constitutional supply to stigmatize the unlimited authority of the president ( story of Russia ) The second reason was the reforms , which were pioneered by t he `shock therapy . This led to a secure the Russian miserliness , in1998 . This critical state of Russian economy was worst than the `great depression fac ed by theUnited States (History of post-Soviet RussiaNuclear compliance worked during the low temperature war . It was a balancing displace betwixt the twosuper powers in those days . Since it was balanced it was a undecomposed crippled Many European and AsianNations have joined the confederation since therefore . This imbalanced growth of thermo thermonuclear powers is reallydangerous for the very earth of the homo race on this globe . Many Nations aspiring tobecome nuclear , is not desirable because of the potential dangers incorporated with it . This doesnot mete out a open hand to the super powers to develop nuclear weapons at their will . The idealsolution is Let mankind forgetthe fact that nuclear engineering ever existedGeorge F . Kennan was an American political Scientist , diplomat and historian .
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His writingsprompted the `Truman doctrine . He was considered as an authority on the cold war . Headvocated the theory that the Soviet Union inevitably to be contained . His prediction that theSoviets would not be able to countermand the westward governments , in his ` X document , has comeout to be very true . Kennan had suggested economic and political containment of the Sovietsrather than military containment , because , ` they are not wish well Hitler noted Kennan (George FKennan Every Nation has its consume capacity to arrest and limit to expand its military and economicstrength . When it crosses these limits by extending the empire beyond its reach , imperialoutstretch is the result ( Imperial Outstretch )ReferencesHistory of Russia , History of post-Soviet Russia , George F .Kennan and ImperialOutstretch , Wikipedia the free encyclopedia , Retrieved on 21 July 07 fromppPAGEPAGE 2...If you essential to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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