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Introduction Legalizing cannabis has been a debate for a profound umpteen of years. Marijuana is currently illegal in the national giving medication and every call forth government, although some state governments have travel to decriminalize the medicine and/or legitimatize it for the purpose of medicine. The reasons for this are that marijuana was seen as a opening to harder drugs, and that legalizing would cause much users. However, Portugal, who has decriminalized all drugs since 2001, fork outs that these reveres simply are non true. In fact, Portugal has go through just the opposite because less mone is universe pass combatting drugs, to a greater extent money is spent in prevention and treatment. And, since users do not fear pursuance and are not stigmatized, they are more likely to essay treatment, which is an added bonus. Plus, criminalizing marijuana causes many problems - a fail of resources and manpower apply to fight the war on the dru g; the drain of not realizing tax revenue from the drug; and the redness of revenue that sight be used to do look on the healthful properties of the drug. Because of these problems, coupled with the fact that Portugal shows that our country does not need to fear that legalizing drugs will result in a substantial cast up in drug use, legalization is the scoop out approximation for marijuana. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The body of this paper will describe the problems with prohibition, wherefore show the Portugal example, show the benefits of legalization, then come to a conclusion. embody The Controlled Substances perform has c lassified marijuana as a plan I substance, ! which makes it subject to the highest level of governmental control (Duncan, 2009, p. 1703). star of the reasons for this labour is that marijuana is commonly thought of as a introduction drug in other words, users of marijuana oft consider involved with harder drugs (Duncan, 2009, p. 1705). Other reasons are that prohibition allegedly reduces marijuana trafficking and use, thereby discouraging crime, improving productivity and...If you desire to conduct a full essay, order it on our website:

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