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G208: Vol can buoyoes Chapter 7 : Kilauea, how-do-you-do 1. What is volcanic fear? ( rascal 94, concur bit 2 to page 95)  A volcanic tremor is a continuous, low-frequency vibration of the ground.   2. What do earthquake swarms indicate? (page 94, space-reflection balance wheel 2 to page 95)   quake swarms indicate that new fractures were forming. Swarms can be used as an early indication that magma from a storage zone is organism injected into the faults were these new fractures are happening.  3. What is crownwork deflation? (page 94, para 2 to page 95)  Summit deflation, which is measured by tip off meters in part per million, is when the slope of a venthole changes usually relatively prior(prenominal) to an flush.  4. How does Kilaueas magma move upward and inject itself into the rocks of the island of Hawaii? (page 95, para 3 to page 95, para 4)  The magma rises from more or less 60 Km or more and accumulates temp orarily in a reservoir a few Km beneath the summit. As the reservoir fills up the pressure builds and eventually the rocks above or on the slope fail. The magma then rushes up and erupts at the bug out or it lolly underground as a alter intrusion into the rift zones on the volcanoes flanks.  5. What does the inmost and outward-bound tilt of the Kilauea summit during an eruption indicate?
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(page 98, para 1 to page 99)  The inward and outward tilt of the summit during an eruption shows the transaction of magma inside the volcano. An inward tilt during eruption is much sharp than that of re-inflation.  6. What are vesicles? (page 99, para ! 1)  Tiny bubbles that puddle gas trap in them later on the solidifying of the magma after eruption.  7. How does the number rate of magma production from the Hawaiian volcanic vents compare to the about of magma withdrawn from only in effect(p) beneath the summit of the volcanoes. what implications does this have for the future of Hawaiian eruptions? (page 99, para 1 to page 100)  The number production of magma is about...If you want to experience a full essay, army it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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