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Money By: Kevin Fletcher XECO/212 Instructor: Phillip Post March 9, 2011 How funds acts as a unit of account refers to the prices of different merchandises that argon evince in a monetary unit. This is beca aim prices in America are expressed in dollars. Here is an mannikin of this function of cash. The price of draw cost four dollars a gallon and the price of bollock cost dickens dollars a xii. If we did not cause a common unit of account, we would hurl to say that a dozen eggs would cost a half gallon of draw and a gallon of milk would cost about two dozens of eggs. How money serves as a medium of trade and the importance of its function is that it is a measure of time rate. Money is an current medium of exchange because we rear end buy gods and services if you substantiate the money to purchase them. This allows the amounts to be measured in dollars and not in quantity in goods.

When I graduate, I provide be opening up a clothing shop and when accepting a allowance for my merchandises, I leave alone use store value which means I will livelihood the money that I made for future purchases that I need. How money service a unit of store value is when money are assets that have a value that can be stored and retrieved overtime. The relative of value can fluctuate overtime, but will be counted on to retain some value in most scenarios. An poser could be purchasing a category or land.If you deprivation to get a full essay, frame it on our website:

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