Monday, September 9, 2013

What Are People For

p What atomic number 18 batch ForWendell pluck 92s persuasive short letter that many modern conceptions of leave and happiness are grow in ignorance and self-deception finds considerable validation in as yet a casual glance of modern media and political converse . Looked at more closely , the misconceptions ably identified by Wendell berry in the Western (and particularly the Statesn hallucination of keep and life responsibilities , cast an illuminating light on contemporary authorities , American foreign policy , and many urgent affable crisesMost obvious is the relationship between Berry 92s observation that br 93The higher signals of 93technological progress 94 are bullion and ease 94 and the late al well-nigh epidemic instances of corporate decadency (and rot in government ) whereby CEO 92s have garnered abundant bonuses and pay-increases whilst robbing their shareholders and workers of crystallize and pensions . The corresponding downfall of powerful political figures in the linked States Congress , as fountainhead as their lobbyist counterparts for carry on , bribery , and other financial crimes indicates how widespread is the oligarchical demonstrate of political morals in contemporary societyWasteful projects such as the 93 94Big Dig 94 in Massachusetts (estimated at 2 .5 jillion in 1985 , over 14 .6 billion had spent in federal official and state tax dollars by 2006 , as well as the highly-publicized Tyco and Enron financial scandals affirm Berry 92s contention that furthest from securing a worthy futurity , the immediate greed and bliss of 93big bills 94 has motivated corporate and political leaders to leave the forthcoming and well-being of myriad other individuals and the nation as a whole in favor of selfish , private gain . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This type of greed , based on the bad effrontery of preserving one 92s future extends throughout the social hierarchy of America , with most , if not all industries and pursuits subordinated to it as Berry remarks 93Surely the aim cannot be the integrity or happiness of our What Are People For Page -2-families , which we have made subordinate to the study agreement , the television industry , and the consumer economy 94 The reality is that most families are useful to the controlling interests of the American economy as charted demographics which leave behind individual economic resources to be targeted at 93tapped 94 by the utter controlling interests . Corporate America , the media , and the governments themselves function as subsidiaries of the general obsession with wealth and the increase of face-to-face fortunesThe bay for personal enrichment , the acquiescence to greed predicated on the un hunchable future is self-rationalizing behavior ironically , it is in addition self-destructive behavior and also portends the workable destruction of the global environment . Were humanity very have-to doe with for the future , Berry argues , we would embrace the good things we know close to the symbolise such as water , oxygen , trees , oceans mountains , and wildlife , and cover to it that these good things endure 93If we take care of the man of the present , the future will have received honorable jurist from us . A good future is understood in the soils forests , grasslands , marshes , deserts , mountains , rivers...If you want to get a extensive essay, coordinate it on our website:

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